Our Ranchers

Our Actions Are as Good as Our Word

Like the family ranchers and producers we work with, we believe that doing business with integrity requires being open, honest and authentic about the way Creekstone Farms operates.

Genetics and Genetic Selection

Creekstone Farms is dedicated to acquiring the top 1% of Black Angus cattle in the marketplace and aligns itself with the top seed stock producers in the industry like Baldridge Performance Angus. Hand-selecting our cattle enables us to deliver consistent, healthy, genetically balanced cattle to provide exceptional performance, growth and productivity through natural genetic selection.

Cow-Calf Operations

At Creekstone Farms, we believe in forging strong relationships and close, personal connections with progressive ranchers who exemplify our high standards of quality and animal welfare. We seek out dedicated producers whose number one priority is raising the cattle in their cow-calf operations with the dignity, care and respect they deserve.

Natural Audit Programs

Today’s consumers are looking for all-natural food that doesn’t sacrifice quality, flavor or their peace of mind. Producers like our friends at Brush Creek Ranch raise the animals in our natural program with no antibiotics, no added hormones, no growth promotants or artificial ingredients and fed vegetarian diets. Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus Beef is produced from cattle raised with Certified Humane® animal-handling practices and our All-Natural Heritage Duroc Pork is sustainably and humanely raised crate-free.

Our Commitment

See how Creekstone Farms supports its ongoing commitment to improving the well-being of our ranchers, plant team members, customers and consumers, as well as the land and animals we all depend on to live and thrive.